How to become an Amateur Radio Operator?


ARRL Amateur Radio license testing is held once each month by volunteer amateur radio examiners in Rainsville Alabama.


 When:  Every first Thursday of each month, see the club calendar for dates and special test events

 Where: Rainsville library, Rainsville Alabama, hwy. 35 east

 Time: 7PM

 Test Cost: $12.00


To receive your Amateur radio license you must answer at least 26 of 35 questions correctly for a technician class license.  After you have obtained your technician class license, you may advance to a higher class license with more operating privileges.  Two more levels of amateur licensing can be obtained, general and extra class.


An Amateur radio license is issued by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC. 


If you are testing for an upgrade license, you will need a copy of you current license, or CSCE.  A photo type ID is required, your driverís license will do fine.  If you are not a licensed driver your social security card will be accepted.


You may register for testing in advance by contacting any Volunteer Examiner (VE).  Advanced registration is preferred but not required, you are welcome to register at the door. 


For more information contact any Volunteer Examiner below. 

KU4YN -  Gary Ladd   (256) 638-6480 -

WB4AWM  -  J.D. Creel  (256) 635-0851 -

KD5DIQ  -  Penny Creel  (256) 635-0851 -

W4DGH  -  Ed Ringer  (256) 6356250 -

AG4ER -  Mike Hall